Protest 2 Hi Fi v Genuine Risk

Date 30 May 2012
Class IRC Zero
Race 7
Hearing 00:00


“Hi Fi” protested “Genuine Risk” on the basis that it could not use its motor for propulsion. “Genuine Risk” claimed that the motor could propel the boat but not at the same time as it was being used for operating the canting keel.  

Facts Found

“Hi Fi” failed to hail protest at the time and the Jury had no option than to declare the protest Invalid.



Subsequently the Race committee issued the following:

“Genuine Risk”  advised the Race Committee that its engine is capable of propelling the boat and powering the canting keel but not at the same time. New parts are expected to arrive during the Regatta and some repairs made that will ensure both are functioning normally.

The Race Committee is prepared to grant dispensation from the relevant parts of SI 1.1 and 1.3 and the relevant parts of IRC Rule 1.1 for the duration of the Samui Regatta.

Rules Applicable


Protest Invalid 

Protest Committee