Protest 1 EFG Mandrake, Windsikher

Date 27 May 2013
Class IRC 1
Race 2
Hearing 16:00


Port and Starboard, Leg 3 400m from Windward Mark

Facts Found

Mandrake on STB, Windsikher on Port Tack on converging coures, Speed approx 7kts. EFG Mandrake bore away to avoid collision.


Windseikher did not keep clear of EFG Mandrake as required by Rule 10, ISAF CAse 50 applies

Rules Applicable

Rules 10, ISAF Case 50


Windsikher DSQ

Protest Committee

Tom Sheppard (HKG), Hong Kit Lock (SIN) Chu SangNg (MAS), David Brookes (AUS), Kim Thomas (THA)