Protest 6 #20 v #27, #28

Date 28 Oct 2013
Class Beneteau 40.7
Race Races 6 & 7
Hearing 15:30
Facts Found
  1. #20 and #28 were provided by the Organising Authority; #27 was a privately owned boat.
  2. Several boats were provided by the Organising Authority without Steaming Lights
  3. Modifications to Steaming Lights of privately owned boats are allowed under Class Rules Appendix A.1d.4

No evidence was presented to support the allegation that #27 or #28 made any changes to the Steaming Lights of the boats during the regatta.

Rules Applicable

R61.2, NoR2.1, SI1.3, CCIR Beneteau 40.7 Class Rules 2010 A.1.d.4, ISAF Case 80


Protest Dismissed

Protest Committee

Bernard Bonneau (IJ FRA) Chairman
Lorenz Walch (IJ GER)
Andres Perez (IJ SPN)
Natalia Chubenko (IJ RUS)
Howard Elliott (IJ AUS)
Dai Zhiqiang (NJ CHN)
Shao Xian Li (IJ CHN)