Date 05 Dec 2011
Class IRC 2
Race 1
Hearing 00:00


FOXY LADY represented by Bill Bremner, requested redress claming that as she approached the finishing line in the lead on a broad reach, she could see the committee boat at the right end of the finishing line, but the orange pin marking the left end was not in place at the left end of the line. She lost speed while the concentration of the crew was diverted.

The Race Committee seeing that the mark had drifted with a strong tide against the wind, radioed competitors to say that they should consider a black rib that happened to be on what was the line, to be the pin end. The black rib was closer to the Committee Boat than the orange mark had been. As the finishing line was biased to the left end, FOXY LADY claimed she was forced to sail longer than her rivals who finished after her when the orange mark had been put back in place and held in an approximate position by a mark boat. 

Jerry Rolins representing the Race Committee explained that all finishing times were scored as boats crossed a transit he had selected when the pin started to draft.

FOXY LADY claimed that had the buoy been fixed in the intended position as the boats approached the line, FOXY LADY would have had the opportunity to sail to the favoured end. She claimed that the error had cost her ½ to ¾ knot for 13 minutes.

However, the Jury estimated that the difference in time to sail the course she sailed and the course she could have sailed had the buoy been in position, was 20 seconds, and awarded redress by improving her elapsed time by 20 seconds.

The adjustment made to FOXY LADY’s time did not affect her placing in the fleet.

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Protest Committee

Bryan Willis (GBR)(chair), Mark Pryke (AUS), Albert Chandler (THA), Rear Admiral Prasart Sribhadung (THA), Peter Jolly (GBR), John Grace (NZL)